My Top 4 Disney Dream Jobs

If you’re following this blog, you’re probably a Disney fan.  Obviously.  Like me I’m sure you’ve come up with a top list of your Disney dream jobs.  As tastes and interests change my list has also changed.  As of today, I would gladly accept any of the below jobs.  But #1……how do you get that job??

IMG_0103[1] IMG_0115[1]

4.  Working in the dream suite.  Nestled above Pirates of the Caribbean in Disneyland is the Dream Suite.  This suite is so exclusive you cannot even buy a night in it, a night in the dream suite is said to be priceless.  I got to tour the suite in the Walk in Walt’s Footsteps tour.  Totally worth the price right there!  The cast members who let us peer into this exclusivity were so incredibly knowledgeable and took pride in the suite.  They understand what an honor it is to work there and will stop at nothing to meet the  needs of families staying onsite. They were knowledgeable and I felt a sense of pride amongst them working in the most sought after “hotel” in Disneyland.

3.  Being the person who picks the dream suite winners.  I’ve heard rumors and read online of cast members dressed in all white walking around the park looking for a family to win a night in the Dream Suite.  How exciting would it be to be that person who picks the lucky unsuspecting family to spend the night in the most magical place on earth?  I’m not sure if this position really exists or if it’s an urban myth.  I want it though.


2.  Costuming dept!  According to Disney careers you have to be available seven days a week, 24 hours a day to be considered for the position, and I bet the pay is vey low.  But there’s something that intrigues me about finding all the right pieces not to mention the enormity of the whole operation must be fascinating!

1.  Being paid to travel to Disney resorts and write reviews.  Earning a living traveling from resort to resort would be a dream come true.  Having cruised, stayed at Aulani, stayed at the Grand Californian and the Disneyland Hotel its very clear hospitality is their mission– there is no other hotel chain which compares to the feeling you get walking through a Disney resort.  Disney resorts cater to families who are creating lifelong memories with those they love the most.  How could you not want to be immersed in that everyday?  But the question is, how does one land that gig?


What are your top Disney dream jobs?

Restaurant Review: Big Thunder Ranch Barbecue

IMG_0128[1]Big Thunder Ranch Barbecue was a complete shocker!  We loved this bbq!  I went in with no expectations thinking it would be cheesy and messy.  Three full bellies later, we realized the ambiance was a little cheesy, and the food was messy– all in a good way!

What you get for lunch:

BBQ chicken, ribs, coleslaw, baked beans, corn bread, and a drink.

All you care to eat!  In fact we cared to eat lots of chicken and ribs

Would we go back?

Absolutely!  Though I’ve heard rumors it’s closing for the new Star Wars Land.  So you better go soon.

My ten year old daughter filled up on chicken legs, the most food she consumed all trip.  She proclaimed this was the best food she had all trip.  Better than Café Orleans’ Pommes Frites?  She claims yes.

Finding Real Food in Aulani


Aulani was beautiful!  Rich with Hawaiian culture.  There were plenty of activites throughout the day to keep us busy.  One of those activities turned out to be finding real foods.  Aulani has plenty of food options at the resort.  Literally walk out of the pool, depending on the time of day, there will be three for four dining options to choose from.

Finding chicken strips, fries and shave ice was easy.  The problem was finding good, healthy, fresh foods with vegetables was hard!  After five days of searching, this is where we found the best foods:

Ulu Café:  this poolside café was handy!  You could easily grab a salad and fruit and sit by the pool.  The thing I loved about Ulu café was it had a new hot meal daily which looked like it was made there, not frozen out of a box.  Did I mention unlimited coffee there?  What could be better?

Olelo Lounge:  what a fantastic ombiance, listening to live music, eating tapas, and having a cocktail.  This was one of the first resurants we found at the resort with fresh foods (not previously frozen boxed meals).  Happy hour is served between 5:00 – 7:00!

Off the Hook:  great burgers.  But the menu item which stood out amongst anything else in the resort was the shrimp cocktail.  Huge shrimp which tasted very fresh!


Off property:  we traveled across the street numerous times searching for cheaper real foods.  We ate at a teriyaki place, an ice cream place, but the most helpful was a convenice store which had a mini grocery store in it.  We got breakfast, lunches, and even dinners at the convenice store.  Though everything in Hawaii is expensive, this was a little less than at the resort and you weren’t limited by a menu of their foods.  You could literally find any ingredients to make a sandwhich– with the topping you want.  As we island hopped we tried The Monkey Pod on Maui.  Delicious restaurant!  We kicked ourselves for not trying it in Ko Olina.

Where were you able to find real food in Aulani?

My top ten times staying on Disney property was worth the money

Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel during spring break?  That’s a pretty penny– somewhere around $600/night.  Being a stay at home mom, this is out of our budget.  However, we happened upon a friends and family coupon bringing the price down around $400 a night.  Still expensive, but as my family learned, it was worth it during one of the bustiest times in the park.

Here’s my top ten times I realized staying on Disney property was worth the money:

10.  Eating at White Water Snacks in the morning for a fast, cheaper breakfast.  We happened upon this gem a few days into our trip.  This grab and go restaurant made it easy to eat spending less on breakfast then dash off into the park.

9.  Courtesy of staff.  We did have a little hiccup checking in with our friends and family coupon.  Apparently we were supposed to bring the coupon, but our hook up told us to print out the email.  The cast member checking us in, put me at ease as she said she would figure it out on her own time then preceded to check us in.


8.  Magic hours.  Can’t say enough how crucial this is during spring break, the cast member checking us in even told us which line will be the shortest wait.  We planned an Open-to-close in DCA, we got in line early, grabbed those coveted Radiator Springs passes and headed straight to the ride with only a 45 min wait.  After, we were able to tour most of Paradise Pier before guests even arrived.




7.  Entrance to Downtown Disney for dinner.  We quickly learned how fast restaurants fill up during busy hours around the resort.  Next, we figured out how fast we could be served at the restaurant’s Express windows.  Though the lines looked long, we moved through them quick, and, best part, took our food back to our room and ate there!

6.  Dropping off coats in our room.  Mornings were a little chilly, afternoons were warm.  While touring DCA, we dropped our coats off in our room once it warmed up.  This would be so handy if you got soaked on Grizzly River Run, too.


5.  Sending sleepy dad back to the room.  Turns out Dad couldn’t last an Open-to-close in DCA!  World of Color just didn’t excite him like the rest of us.  No worries, he left and my ten year old and I stayed for the show.  He went to bed, and we shared, yet another, magical moment together.  Our five minute walk back to our room never at once felt unsafe without Dad with us.






4.  Pool in the morning, park in the afternoon.  You can do anything you want.  Park in the morning, pool in the afternoon, back out to the park.  You’re right there!  And did I mention the fun bar right by the pool.  :)







3.  Drop bags off while waiting for room to be ready, then head to park.  Cast members will do anything to make you happy.  This perk really did!  We arrived early in the day to Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel before our room was ready, we checked our bags in and went to the parks.  They sent us a text when our room was ready.  Easy as that.

2.  Shopping for souvenirs in our lobby, no need to leave to get presents.  Why leave the hotel when you don’t have to during a busy holiday season?  Our lobby had great souvenirs, stuff you’d find at World of Disney.

1.  Location, location, location.  This is an obvious #1, but so worth it.  After all of the above experiences I couldn’t imagine walking off property crossing busy streets in the dark, carrying an exhausted ten year old, to a cheap hotel room.  As we walked through our private entrance at the end of the night I couldn’t help but imagine what it would be like if we were waiting in line for the tram, then moving through the crowd through the huge parking garage, finally finding our car, then driving back to our hotel room.  The location, along with ease of staying here, is worth the money!  I can hardly imagine staying at Good Neighbors hotels any more.  So, I will be saving up my pennies until I can go back!

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